Meeting JOHNNY DEPP (part IV) ~ The Impromptu Hug

Meeting JOHNNY DEPP (part IV) ~ The Impromptu Hug


I can’t explain it but this hug was not from an actor, not from a celebrity, not from someone famous, or a face who graces the screens of computers or cell phones of all his fans ~ it was a hug from a genuine person. It was more of an embrace from a friend I had not seen in years and we just happened to bump into each other.  I’m not sure what prompted the second hug, maybe he felt I needed one to calm me down, but a hug I told him, “I will accept this!”

Johnny Depp hug 3How did I react? What were my thoughts? I could feel my shyness coming forward.  My thoughts were racing causing an actual battle with my wits, sort of a sequel to “Davey Jones Locker”.  Basically, it did indeed feel like I was hugging an old friend from way back, probably because I have studied his mannerisms, his looks, his attire for so many years, you can’t help but feel as though you know the person you are mirroring as a friend. However, the other side of my brain kept interfering with, “you know you are hugging a celebrity right?  YO! Wake up! For crying out loud, you’re hugging freaking Johnny Depp!  Get with the damned program!  You snooze you lose!” Inevitably my shy side won. As JD made me feel very comfortable, it was equally as important, (even though I looked like a crazy woman dressed as a “man” pirate ~ and a character he has seen so many times before to grab his attention) to make him at ease with me. I was desperate to bring forward that I wasn’t an unhinged fan, (I wear a beard on a regular basis you see, 😉 ) and there to just really shake his hand and say “I applaud you”.

If you’re wondering if I was in Jack character at any time? No, I wasn’t. I was not there toJohnny Depp hug 5 NEW convince JD what I could or could not do. I relished the one on one time with someone who has inspired me in so many ways besides his characters. In fact, I forgot I was in costume all together seconds into the meet. To be honest I wished I had the opportunity to work in some sort of magic where I could morph from pirate back to me.  The Jack did it’s initial duty by grabbing the attention I needed on set of Richard Says Good-bye, but during the rest of the meet, I just wanted to be me.

I know each impersonator/cosplayer wants to make an impression with the celebrity they are echoing, but I know, with so many fans celebrities meet during their tenure of fame, that with “bigger fish to fry”, I am well aware, even I have become a mere passing thought with JD. This is truly understandable and am elated to have had the opportunity to meet him, shake his hand, appreciating and celebrating his hugs, engross in a quick conversation with him and his wonderful personal team and allowing a woman, dressed as a man, to have her stage. I can’t ask for anything more.


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(Part V ~ “Johnny Says Goodbye”, to be continued).



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