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If you would like Denise Pearson to appear at an event, contact her here.

A Look-alike/Impersonator can add spark to any event you are planning, whether it be the “renewing of vows” (Captain Jack), an afternoon “tea party” (Mad Hatter), a “Hollywood theme corporate dinner” (Johnny Depp), or a “chocolate festival” (Willy Wonka), these tribute characters (and icon) can add that extra ‘pizzaz’ and ambiance to any function.  Excellent for photo opportunities, you can give your guests a personal and lasting memory.

Available for: Fundraisers; Charities; Corporate Functions; Private Functions; Boat Festivals; Meet and Greet; Photo Shoots and Photo Ops; Media; Photo Double; Decoy Double.

Appeared at (2009 – present): Several Tall Ship Festivals; Classic Boat Festivals, (private and public events); Private Parties/Functions; Weddings; Parades; Corporate Dinner Functions;  Corporate Fundraisers; Charities, (Cancer, BC Children’s Hospital, Handicapped Kids, Violence Against Women); Fundraisers; Retirement Homes; Variety the Children’s Charity/Boat for Hope, Photo Shoots and Photo Ops; Meet and Greets; Media; Commercial Web Video.

Pre Scheduled Events for 2015

Dates for Pre Scheduled Events will be posted shortly.

Scheduled events to be posted:  Swiftsure, Ladysmith Promotional Day, Ladysmith Pirate Day, “Boat for Hope” Children’s Charity, Johnny Depp Corporate function, Political Function, Family Private Function, The Bay Sauvage by DIOR Johnny Depp event, Halloween Gala, Festival of Trees Fundraiser. 


NOTE: Photo availability of events attended, shown below


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Festival of Trees ~ BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Fundraiser


Halloween Fright Night

A splashy haunted maze with actors and props…. along with numerous games were set up at the Royal Oak Middle School (ROM) for a spectacular, safe and fun night for kids all ages.

Jack Sparrow haunt.jpgScarlett Cutts.jpgJack Sparrow haunted ship.jpgScarlett Cutts haunted ship.jpg

SAUVAGE by DIOR ~ The Hudson’s Bay Centre Men’s Fragrance Dept.

Johnny Depp is spokes model for the men’s fragrance “Sauvage” by DIOR.  I was honoured to be asked by Sales Manager Benjamin Eby for Men’s Fragrance Dept. at The Bay Centre, Mayfair Mall,  to Sauvage as Mr. Depp.

Sauvage by DIOR EVENT advertising.jpgSauvage by DIOR 1.jpgSauvage by DIOR 2.jpgSauvage by DIOR 5.jpgSauvage by DIOR 4.jpgSauvage by DIOR 3.jpg

 BC’s opposition Leader John Horgan, (NDP) celebrates his birthday

John Horgan, his members, family, friends and supporters came out for John’s BBQ birthday bash.  I made a surprise appearance as the Captain bringing with me a personalized “Captain Horgan’s Rum” (label created myself) as a gift. Along with his fun, hard working, loyal ‘crew’ John is a brilliant and bright, serious Leader with a “huge” heart and a fantastic sense of humour…. he didn’t miss a beat when I arrived and sprung into action going along with the ride.

John Horgan's Birthday BBQ 6.jpgJohn Horgan's BIrthday BBQ 4.jpgJohn Horgan's Birthday BBQ 2.jpgJohn Horgan's Birthday BBQ 3.jpgJohn Horgan's Birthday BBQ 1.jpgJohn Horgan's Birthday BBQ 5.jpg

Kids on the beach ~ Surprise visit by Captain Jack

On the beach with Jack Sparrow 9.jpgOn the beach with Jack Sparrow 3.jpgOn the beach with Jack Sparrow 2.jpgOn the beach with Jack Sparrow 1.jpgOn the beach with Jack Sparrow 4.jpg

On the beach with Jack Sparrow 5.jpgOn the beach with Jack Sparrow 6.jpgOn the beach with Jack Sparrow 7.jpgOn the beach with Jack Sparrow 8.jpg

Autographs Signing

Jack Sparrow signing autographs 3.jpgJack Sparrow signing autographs 2.jpgJack Sparrow signing autographs 1.jpgAutograph signing.jpg

Elementary School Visit

Jack Sparrow visits a school.jpgJack Sparrow visits a school 2.jpgSchool field trip meets Jack Sparrow.jpgPirate book reading by pirates 2.jpg

Kids Pirate Days ~ Ladysmith

Jack Sparrow receiving a jewel from a jewel_edited-1.jpgJack Sparrow receives treasure.jpgJack Sparrow cooling off break.jpgJack Sparrow the nuse 2.jpgJack Sparrow the nuse 1.jpg

Swiftsure International Yacht Club Races

Swiftsure 2015-3.jpgSwiftsure 2015-2.jpgSwiftsure 2015-1.jpgTHANE.jpg

BOAT for HOPE ~ Variety, BC Children’s Charity

Boat for Hope - Children's Charity.jpg

Ladysmith Promotional Day

Jack Sparrow Scarlett and the Mayor 1.jpgJack Sparrow Scarlett and the Mayor 2.jpgJack Sparrow with fan_edited-1.jpgMeeting Jack Sparrow.jpg


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