Captain Jack


 Captain Jack Character Portrayal


“….these guys were absolutely without question the rock stars of that era.” ~ Johnny Depp


Side by Side split face comparison photo. Myself on the left, Johnny Depp on the right.













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Photos: As Captain Jack 2015

Jack Sparrow PALM TREE.jpgJack Sparrow PARK 1.jpgJack Sparrow BEACH 1.jpgJack Sparrow PARK 3.jpgJack Sparrow PARK 4.jpg

Upgrade Photos:  (On Stranger Tides) Jack 2014

Captain Jack Sparrow On Stranger Tides 4Captain Jack Sparrow On Stranger Tides 1VINTAGE photo JackPOTC Poster Jack Sparrow and Angelica Teach.jpgJack Sparrow Dead Men Tell No Tales.jpg

Jack Sparrow at the Helm.jpgCaptain Jack Sparrow On Stranger Tides 2Jack Sparrow POTC 5 a.jpgJack Sparrow POTC 4 a.jpgJack Sparrow posing.jpg

(On Stranger Tides) Captain Jack photos 2012 & 2013

Jack Sparrow POTC 5.jpgost-jack-2Jack Sparrow in water Photo Shop.jpgJack Sparrow POTC 5 a.jpgJack Sparrow POTC 4.jpg

Jack Sparrow on a beach.jpgJack Sparrow on a beach 2.jpgcaptain-jack-portrayal-on-stranger-tides-14Jack Sparrow with Ship photoshop.jpg

 (On Stranger Tides: Attire Upgrade) Captain Jack photos 2011

Jack Sparrow and Angelica Teach in Water Photo Shop.jpgcaptain-jack-and-angelica-teach-look-alikes-on-stranger-tides-2captain-jack-and-angelica-teach-look-alikes-on-stranger-tides-2captain-jack-look-alike-on-stranger-tides-8


Captain Jack Photos:   2010


Captain-Jack-Hatley-Manor-close-upCaptain-Jack-Ladysmith-1Hatley Manor-benchCaptain-Jack-on-beachCaptain-Jack-downtown-Victoria

Captain Jack Photos:  2009

Following 2 photos by:  David Lowes / Art Studio 21 Photography:   2008
The beginning stages of my Jack transformation.

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