Meeting Johnny Depp

Meeting Johnny Depp on set “Richard Says Goodbye”.


You can also read about the visit in my blogs. 

Meeting Johnny Depp 1

Posing for photos with Johnny Depp on set “Richard Says Goodbye” on location at Royal Roads University.

Conversation with Johnny Depp 6

Conversation with Johnny Depp and his fabulous personal team.

Johnny Depp hug 5 NEW

Part of an impromptu sincere hug, (see photos below).

Johnny Depp says Goodbye 1

Time was limited and the goodbye’s were eminent.

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The Posed Photos

Meeting Johnny Depp 2Meeting Johnny Depp 3Meeting Johnny Depp 4Meeting Johnny Depp 5___________________________________________________________

The Conversation

You’re never prepared to have a conversation with a celebrity especially when you know you have limited time. Your thoughts are all over the place ~You’re absorbing your surroundings without staring.  You want to get as much into the conversation as you possibly can, (for you know this is your lottery win) without sounding pompous…. or for that matter a weirdo. You’re nervous, you want to make conversation with everyone, you want to be polite at all times, you want to throw in a joke here and there, you want them to be comfortable with you and not have them think you’re a crazed fan, you want to make an impression, you want to be yourself even though you’re dressed in Jack attire….. “Man alive, did I cram all that in, in 10 minutes?”

Conversation with Johnny Depp 1Conversation with Johnny Depp 2Conversation with Johnny Depp 6Conversation with Johnny Depp 3

Conversation with Johnny Depp 7Conversation with Johnny Depp 4Conversation with Johnny Depp 8Conversation with Johnny Depp 5___________________________________________________________

The Impromptu Hug

Half way into the conversation, and if only my head wasn’t in such a whirlwind, I might have remembered why I received this impromptu hug from Johnny Depp. Maybe it was to calm me down, (for I do become a rather over the top type personality when excited), or something I said that sparked a hug, what ever the reason, it was such a sincere gesture coming from a very sincere man.  I can’t explain it but this hug was not from an actor, a celebrity, from someone famous, or a face who graces the screens of computers and/or cell phones of all his fans ~ it was a hug from a genuine person. It was more a hug from an old friend I had not seen in years and we just happened to bump into each other.

Johnny Depp hug 1Johnny Depp hug 2Johnny Depp hug 3Johnny Depp hug 4Johnny Depp hug 5Johnny Depp hug 6

Johnny Depp hug 7___________________________________________________________

“Johnny Says Goodbye”

Of course all good things always do come to an end, but it will always be an incredible memory of a journey that went far beyond my wildest expectations, (I would like to kiss the person who invented the camera). I guess patience truly is a virtue, but even if this meet had not come to pass, I am ecstatic with the fact I have come to meet so many wonderful and incredibly talented people through this journey, whether in person or on social media, during my years of emulating JD and many of his characters. I feel blessed. I learned how to sew, (now that has to account for something aye) and it brought our family and friends together attending events we would otherwise never have heard about, enjoying the spirit of dressing up hanging out with my favourite people “KIDS” and becoming fascinated with ‘film’. After our last hug goodbye, I came back to planet Earth.

Johnny Depp says Goodbye 1Johnny Depp says Goodbye 2Johnny Depp says Goodbye 3Johnny Depp says Goodbye 4

Johnny Depp says Goodbye 5Johnny Depp says Goodbye 6Johnny Depp says Goodbye 7Johnny Depp says Goodbye 8

Johnny Depp says Goodbye 9Johnny Depp says Goodbye 10Johnny Depp says Goodbye 11___________________________________________________________



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