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If you would like Denise Pearson to appear at an event, contact her here.

A Look-alike/Impersonator can add spark to any event you are planning, whether it be the “renewing of vows” (Captain Jack), an afternoon “tea party” (Mad Hatter), a “Hollywood theme corporate dinner” (Johnny Depp), or a “chocolate festival” (Willy Wonka), these tribute characters (and icon) can add that extra ‘pizzaz’ and ambiance to any function.  Excellent for photo opportunities, you can give your guests a personal and lasting memory.

Available for: Fundraisers; Charities; Corporate Functions; Private Functions; Boat Festivals; Meet and Greet; Photo Shoots and Photo Ops; Media; Photo Double; Decoy Double.

Appeared at (2009 – present): Several Tall Ship Festivals; Classic Boat Festivals, (private and public events); Private Parties/Functions; Weddings; Parades; Corporate Dinner Functions;  Corporate Fundraisers; Charities, (Cancer, BC Children’s Hospital, Handicapped Kids, Violence Against Women); Fundraisers; Retirement Homes; Variety the Children’s Charity/Boat for Hope, Photo Shoots and Photo Ops; Meet and Greets; Media; Commercial Web Video.


Pre Scheduled Events for 2014


– 80th birthday party as JD:                                               Private

– 8 year old birthday Party as CJ:                                      Private

– 16th birthday party as JD:                                                Private

– Child Development Pirate Gala Nanaimo as CJ:         March 7, 2014

– Easter Celebration/Westshore Mall as Hatter:           April 19, 2014

– Swiftsure as CJ:                                                                  May 23, 2013

– Cowichan Bay Prawn Festival as CJ:                              May 24, 2014

– Ladysmith promotional Day as CJ:                                 May 28, 2014

– Ladysmith Pirate Day as CJ:                                             May 31, 2014

– Variety the Children’s Charity as CJ:                               June 7, 2014

– Buccaneer Day Parade as CJ:                                            June 14, 2014

– Pirate Chips Restaurant GRAND OPENING CJ:          July 26, 2014

– Cops for Cancer                                                                    September 2014

– Pre-wedding party as CJ:                                                  Private

– Corporate function as JD:                                                 Private (Postponed to 2015)

– The hunt for Captain Jack’s Secret Lair                         October 23, 2014



Hope to see you at the pre-scheduled ‘public’ events!


*NOTE 1:  Functions above were pre-scheduled as of January, 2014.  Other functions on shorter notice may not be listed above.  Please contact me for date availabilities.


*NOTE 2:   In fear of redundancy, I will not be posting as many photos of my events for 2014.  If you need ideas, please visit Events 2011, 2012 and 2013.


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Pirate Haunted Pizza Party – Lockside School Courtyard

The photos shown below were taken during prep time of the event.  Once night fell and all the smoke machines were on, the buildings in the background, extension cords, people dressed in full black (operating mannequins) all disappeared.  The “Pirate Spooky Effects” were incredibly effective.  Kudos to the organizers.

Pirate Halloween 4Pirate Halloween 3Pirate Halloween 1Pirate Halloween 2Pirate Halloween 5Pirate Halloween 6

Grand Opening of “CHIPS RESTAURANT” in Nanaimo, BC

Pirate Chips 4Pirate Chips 1Pirate Chips 3Pirate Chips 2

BOAT for HOPE: Variety the children’s charity

Variety’s Boat for Hope is an annual event that takes place every June in Victoria, Vancouver and Kelowna. These wonderful and unique experiences provide children who have special needs with a fun-filled day on the water. Local skippers volunteer their time and their boats for a pirate adventure on the high seas!

Boat for Hope 2Boat for Hope 3Boat for Hope 4Boat for Hope 5Boat for Hope 6Boat for Hope 1

Ladysmith Pirate Day

Pirate Day LS 2Pirate Day LS 6Pirate Day LS 5Pirate Day LS 4Pirate Day LS 1Pirate Day LS 3

Ladysmith Promotional Day

Ladysmith Promo Day 3Ladysmith Promo Day 1Ladysmith Promo Day 5

Autographs and visit at a local school

Ladysmith Promo Day 2Captain Jack Sparrow Autograph 5Captain Jack Sparrow Autograph 6Captain Jack Sparrow Autograph 3Captain Jack Sparrow Autograph 4Captain Jack Sparrow Autograph 1

Cowichan Bay Prawn Festival 

PRAWN Fest 2014 ePRAWN FEST 2014 dPRAWN Fest 2014 aPRAWN Fest 2014 bPRAWN Fest 2014 cPRAWN Fest 2014 f

Swiftsure 2014  (Vancouver Island International Yacht Club Race)

Swiftsure 2014 c (2)Swiftsure 2014 fSwiftsure 2014 dSwiftsure 2014 eSWIFTSURE Photo 2014Swiftsure 2014 ba

Nanaimo Child Development Pirate Gala Fundraiser

Fun evening/event to raise money for children in need.  After all, pirates “RRRR” for kids.  (okay, okay, I know….)


 Sweet 16 Johnny Depp Surprise Appearance

 See blog (Incredible Birthday reactions ~ Heartwarming), for story.

Sweet 16 Birthday Surprise

Captain Jack Birthday Surprise for 8 Year Old

Only photo available…. Auntie was equally excited to sit on Captain Jack’s lap.  See blog (Incredible Birthday reactions ~ Heartwarming), for story.


 80th Birthday Party Johnny Depp Surprise Appearance

See blog (Incredible Birthday reactions ~ Heartwarming), for a touching story.








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