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A Look-alike/Impersonator can add spark to any event you are planning, whether it be the “renewing of vows” (Captain Jack), an afternoon “tea party” (Mad Hatter), a “Hollywood theme corporate dinner” (Johnny Depp), or a “chocolate festival” (Willy Wonka), these tribute characters (and icon) can add that extra ‘pizzaz’ and ambiance to any function.  Excellent for photo opportunities, you can give your guests a personal and lasting memory.

Available for: Fundraisers; Charities; Corporate Functions; Private Functions; Boat Festivals; Meet and Greet; Photo Shoots and Photo Ops; Media; Photo Double; Decoy Double.

Appeared at (2009 – present): Several Tall Ship Festivals; Classic Boat Festivals, (private and public events); Private Parties/Functions; Weddings; Parades; Corporate Dinner Functions;  Corporate Fundraisers; Charities, (Cancer, BC Children’s Hospital, Handicapped Kids, Violence Against Women); Fundraisers; Retirement Homes; Variety the Children’s Charity/Boat for Hope, Photo Shoots and Photo Ops; Meet and Greets; Media; Commercial Web Video.

Pre Scheduled Events for 2017

Scheduled events:  Meet and Greet Disney Cruise Ship, Pirate Adventure Boat Fun, Swiftsure International Yacht Race, Ladysmith Promotional Day, Ladysmith Pirate Day, “Boat for Hope” Children’s Charity, Silver City ODEON Theatre POTC Premiere Appearance, Johnny Depp function, Halloween Gala, BC Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees Fundraiser and….

The honour of meeting Johnny Depp and his fabulous personal crew.

Keep a weather eye on my blog for details and photos of my chance to finally meet the icon who has inspired me for so many years with his unbelievable talents, his generosity, his genuine disposition and the love of his fans.

*Any photos available from events soon to be uploaded for 2017


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Festival of Trees ~ BC Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

(November 15, 2017)

Halloween Royal Oak Middle School

(October event)

*Meeting Johnny Depp and His Personal Crew ~ (See blog)

In fear of redundancy, please see GALLERY ~ ‘Meeting Johnny Depp’ for photos of my incredible meet with Johnny Depp on set “Richard Says Goodbye”.  I have posted a handful of photos below as teasers.
(Blog still to be written, “Keep a weather eye”)

Meeting Johnny Depp 2Conversation with Johnny Depp 6Johnny Depp hug 3Johnny Depp hug 6Johnny Depp says Goodbye 2Johnny Depp says Goodbye 11

Ladysmith Pirate Day


The event taking place the weekend after the Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the organizer thought it fitting to have us arrive via a classic boat with the soundtrack to POTC franchise playing where the public all gathered to greet us. (Photo credit to Carol Lewis ~ Scarlett).
Jack and Barbossa ARRIVE 2Jack and Barbossa ARRIVE 3Jack and Barbossa ARRIVE 1Jack and Barbossa ARRIVE 4Jack and Barbossa ARRIVE 5




The turn out was overwhelming this year. So many smiles, so many happy kids and parents.  A fun family day, and what better way to spend it as pirates. 

Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 1Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 2Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 3Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 5Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 7Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 6

Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 8Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 4Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 11Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 12Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 13Jack and Barbossa PIRATE DAY 14

Ladysmith Promotional Day


To my utter surprise the organizer of Ladysmith Promotional Day had a public banner made to be hung over the main strip of the Town.

Jack Sparrow BANNER 1Jack Sparrow BANNER 2Jack Sparrow BANNER 3



Autograph Signing for Kids

This is always such a treat, utter blast and delight to see these kids get so excited for an autograph. 
Jack Sparrow Autographs 3 Jack Sparrow Autographs 4Jack Sparrow Autographs 1Jack Sparrow Autographs 2

Swiftsure International Yacht Club Race


POTC 5 Appearance at Silver City Odeon Theatre

POTC 5 Premiere 7a

The last 3 premieres Silver City Theatre always wanted me to contact them to host the POTC premieres.  This time I decided to go unannounced and do an impromptu appearance.  The response was tremendous with so many smiles and elations.  My approach this time was to run into the theatre, just as the credits hit the screen and as the audience were retrieving their belongings and popcorn bags to get up to leave, telling everyone to “REMAIN SEATED, for the ride was not over yet for there was a surprise ‘Eggy’ thingy at the end”.  Shocked, dumbfounded, confused…. “what? It’s as though Jack just walked out the screen!” I heard one say.  Ah yes, I am what you call ‘the Mega 3D experience’.  With many returning to their seats. As they sat and waited through the credits, I left the theatre and waited outside the doors for “greetings”.

POTC 5 Premiere 1POTC 5 Premiere 2POTC 5 Premiere 3POTC 5 Premiere 4POTC 5 Premiere 5POTC 5 Premiere 7

Meet and Greet Disney Cruise Ship

Mom/daughter duo as Angelica Teach and Captain Jack were back as a team to meet and greet passengers coming on board the DISNEY WONDER setting sail from Vancouver, BC to Alaska.  


Pirate Adventures, Vancouver, BC

Pirate Adventures 7
This fun filled, “Pirate Adventures” is a unique, unforgettable experience aboard a pirate ship for the entire family! Join a band of pirates for swashbuckling family outings, birthday parties, field trips and exciting adventures! Whether you are just one pirate or a group of forty-two, immerse yourself in the world of a pirate and live the unforgettable experience of Pirate Adventures! 

Pirate Adventures 1Pirate Adventures 5Pirate Adventures 6Pirate Adventures 3Pirate Adventures 4Pirate Adventures 2


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