Denise Pearson

Denise Pearson


Born in 1963….

FOR THE LOVE OF ART:  For the love acting, I took theatre for 3 years landing a lead role in a Vaudevillian comedy production. For the love of dancing, I managed 2 first place wins in 2 dance competitions ~ one in Orlando, Florida and one in Toronto, Ontario. For the love of sketching and painting, I studied art for 5 years in my earlier days and won 2 best designs for ‘hasty note’ print distribution competition. Later, where I worked, I was asked to designed a cover for a Trade Magazine owned and operated by a publishing company in Toronto.  In recent years, as a photographer, I was asked to design two book covers for publication and was also asked to write a foreword for yet another book for a friend. Then when I took on the role of the infamous “Jack Sparrow” I only entered two contests and won 1st place for each, but unbeknownst to me, I was involved in 4 other contests ~and was presented 3 first place wins and one 2nd.  But my biggest win of all time are the warm smiles and “awe struck” facial expressions of children and their families as I grace their space as one of Johnny Depp’s famous characters. What a feel good position to be in. 



Photography by: Victoria Pearson

DENISE update 2 


Denise Pearson FEMALE PIRATE

For the love of water and sunsets, it draws me to the ocean. This is my female pirate creation ~ “Captain Jacqueline Bonnaire” or “Captain Jane Ebony”.

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denise-pearson-does-johnny-depp-look-alike-1_0denise-pearson-does-johnny-depp-look-alike-3denise-pearson-does-johnny-depp-look-alike-6denise-pearson-does-johnny-depp-look-alike-7aDenise update 3





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  1. Claude G. Camacho says:

    Great work. The Ladysmith Maritime Festival was a great success. In no small part because of your participation. Thanks.

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