On the Way Home From a Johnny Depp Gig

On the Way Home From a Johnny Depp Gig…


On the way home from the SAUVAGE gig, I had the most hilarious and rewarding circumstance happen to me while driving on the way home.  Even behind the wheel I try to maintain character by sitting and manoeuvring like a guy, mostly for this very next reason:  I was in heavy traffic on the way home and was at a dead standstill several times.  At one point a car full of young ladies driving in the left lane (as I was in the right), had spotted me and as I looked over, the shocked expressions on their faces pretty much said it all.  The traffic in my lane started to move and I was now several car lengths ahead of them.  At that moment, a most interesting thing happened.   As I Looked in my rear view mirror (and might add that I had the biggest chuckle), for what I saw were 4 arms reaching out of the window of this little Nissan, each clutching a cell phone in their hand waiting to see if they would drive past me again.  As traffic slowed down in my lane, they caught up to my vehicle. I looked over, smiled and waved and all 5 girls in the car giggled with glee.  It was obvious they were video taping what they thought was Johnny Depp.

Every now and again it is nice to see if I was able to create the illusion of Johnny Depp. As a female it is “10 fold” harder to recreate femininity into a man. So even if I have fooled a few or created uncertainty with others, I’ve done my job.

Sauvage by DIOR Johnny Depp.jpg

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