An Unexpected Surprise Story From Across the Boarder……

An Unexpected Surprise Story From Across the Boarder


A dear friend of mine from North Carolina, whom I have known for over 5 years, posted this unexpected story on my Facebook timeline…..


“Hey! Funny story mate…We are going through a CARF audit at my place of employment and one of the auditors is from Vancouver Island. Cowichan Valley to be more specific. I was small talking to him and I mentioned that I had a friend who was from there. I said “She is the only female impersonator of Jonny Depp there is and she is just fabulous!” About this time he had this big wide grin on his face but I went on oblivious…”Yes, we have been Facebook friends for a few years now and we send each other postcards every now and then and you should totally catch her performance sometime and you’re just gonna be amazed…” Well, in the middle of all this he puts his hand up and says, “You’re talking about Denise Pearson! Trust me, she’s very famous in those parts! I am very familiar with her work. As a matter of fact, look at this.” Then he pulls out a visitors guide with you on the inside as Jack Sparrow and he then tells me that he takes these guides with him to every county and state that he’s in. We had a good laugh and amazed at what a small world it is. He was very impressed that we converse because as he put it “he’s just another admiring face in the crowd.” Anyway, I thought you would appreciate knowing this and that your image and work is far more reaching than you could possibly know! This guy travels the country in his work and overseas at times so you have nationwide advertising mate! Anyway, I better get back to work, just thought I would drop that line to you because it made my day! Cheers luv!”


After I replied, her second response was…..


“Well, his name is Steve Benjamin. He owns several group homes and has done everything under the sun! He is retired now and travels for CARF auditing healthcare companies. Very cool laid back dude. He has a native American heritage and says he just wants to raise awareness of where he’s from. Well, he said he’s never met you but he has seen you many times. He said he would never be able to get close because so many people flock around you at your performances. He says that you are pretty famous in his neck of the woods, just repeated that several times with a huge grin on his face! Ha, you’re welcome! Have a good ‘un mate!”


What a welcoming surprise story……. this is when you know the World is small.

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