Vintage Jack

Vintage Jack!


As a photographer, I tend to play with photo shop to give my clients their optimal final results of their shots.  One of my sessions was a 1920’s boudoir shoot, that, even thought the photos looked spectacular in colour, I found they needed to look more authentic…. vintage looking…. dirty, old, crumpled, torn.


As I was playing I stumbled onto some interesting and wonderful techniques and in doing so I decided to turn one of my “in attire Jack” photos into a vintage shot.  Even though Pirates of the Caribbean is supposed to take place between 1720 and 1750, and even though the first “camera obscura” was invented in January of 1544, fixed images didn’t come to play until 1816, well past the time period Jack was alive and any photos of him could have been taken.


Needless to say, the vintage technique gave one of my photos a true sense of possible reality.  Here is the shot…..


Jack Sparrow Vintage.jpg

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