Mistaken Identity Perhaps?

An Impersonators’ Highlight.


Every now and again I will Google search some of the Johnny Depp’s characters I have participated in in the past and will find a handful or two of photos of myself portraying that same character.  Dean Corso was definitely one of my more challenging Johnny Depp characters to emulate…. ie. short hair emphasizing Johnny Depp’s broader and somewhat shorter neck.  His hair was slicked back showing a rather square hairline which is hard to shape with a wig unless your get it professionally made as a replica.  The wig I used was also looked thicker which had to carry my own hair under it that was pinned in an up-do. All in all, the look was there and if you had seen the movie, you knew at least who I was.

Well…. in hindsight, my portrayal of Johnny Depp’s Dean Corso must not have been all that bad, for as I Google searched, “Ninth Gate Dean Corso” and hit images, many of my photos landed on the first page.

One in particular caught my eye.  This particular photo, not only was duplicated several times on this page, but it didn’t bear my domain name “denisedoesjohnny.com” that the others did. Slightly concerned I clicked on it.  My concern was quickly thrown out the window and replaced by astonishment.  It was a wonderful blog sight ~ “We Came From the Basement” blogs about Horror films past and present.   I looked at a handful of their other blogs and I distinctly saw that stills from the actual movie where accompanying their review.  I went back to my own photo which was accompanying a blog about about the 1999 Horror film, Ninth Gate. They did not mention that I was indeed Johnny Depp, but used one of my photos as Dean Corso as their still instead of one from the actual movie.  I was honoured actually, to be confused (perhaps), with the real Johnny Depp.

To every impersonator it is an honour to be mistaken for the real celebrity that impersonator is emulating. I have read about a handful (3 or 4), of other male Johnny Depp Look-alikes that were mistaken for Johnny Depp,…. but for a female? Must be doing something right… “aye?”



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