You look somewhat familiar……

 A familiar face directing in my neck of the woods…..



Johnny depp as Constable Tom Hanson and Peter Deluise as Constable Doug Penhall, in “21 Jump Street” the Series.

After a couple of days of being oblivious to the fact that a ‘made for TV Disney Movie “UNLEASHED”‘ was being filmed a block from my home, it was brought to my attention that Peter DeLuise, who played ‘Constable Doug Penhall’ along side Johnny Depp as ‘Constable Tom Hanson’ on the 1980’s hit series (and Cameo appearance in 2012 remake film), “21 JUMP STREET” was directing. One evening a few neighbours and I decided take on the crew’s offer and go to check out the set and watch a portion of the filming. By 8 pm night was falling rapidly and when it was ‘a wrap’, I thought I would stick around and perhaps meet up with Peter DeLuise. What I had not banked on was when it was truly a wrap, the large flood light aimed at the house of interest, which also nicely lit up the street, was shut down.  The sudden darkness made it hard to decipher facial features, only silhouettes of crew member’s full bodies were eminent. I was hoping my night vision adjust quickly…..(not), as people were rapidly leaving for the night.  As a rather eccentric person that I am, I spotted a ‘frame’ that I thought had the walk of a Director (Directors actually have a certain walk, you ask? Let’s say I’ve watched too many movies), I belted “it is extremely dark and I cannot make out anyone’s facial features, is Peter DeLuise still in the house by chance?” A rather tall man approached me: “Yeah he’s still in there, who may I ask is calling?” I went into a mindless spiel, including the fact he knew and worked with a member of my family …. but with his communication delay I was convinced, I had stuck my foot in my mouth (rather deeply I might add), for suddenly, with a HUGE grin, the man standing ahead of me, decided to put me out of my misery and lit up his cell phone, aiming it to his face to show me…. he was INDEED Peter DeLuise.


Hmmm, good man, good sense of humour.  Of course …. instant mix of feeling like an ‘idiot and moron’ spun in my head…..along with a FULL cup of embarrassment which was also added to the recipe.

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