Pirates of the Caribbean 5 re-shoot in BC, Canada (Part 1)

Pirates 5 Re-shoot in Vancouver, BC Canada (part 1)


So here is a “very” interesting story with quite an incredible ending.

First a brief back story…..

About 13 years ago (at age 12), our daughter, (Victoria Pearson) and a high school buddy (Erin Rooke) decided to pick up a camera and make countless movies (one day hoping to make it their career). Coincidentally, it was also the year of the first installment of POTC (summer of 2003). I won’t lie that the Pirate franchise has truly played a huge role in our family (in more ways than one *wink*)…. but besides the obvious, one of the roles it played was inspiring a passion in film for our daughter and foreseeing a future in the industry. Not only did our daughter dress up with me to attend many gigs, events and charity fundraisers as a Mom/daughter (Jack/Will~Angelica) duo, we also spent a lot of fun Mom/daughter (pirate/pirate) time filming and re-enacting scenes from POTC 1 – 4 that were doable depending on our surroundings and locations.

So here’s the actual story……

Each time a new POTC installment was announced to be made, I joked to my family saying: “The Production should really come here to BC Canada to film at least parts of it….after all we have many islands, we have white sandy beaches…OCEAN surrounds us, Victoria has a downtown that looks like old England…..”, but I knew darned well that would never happen… we’re Canada after all. From that, our daughter would comment: “How wonderful it would be to work on Pirates as a crew member. I would give an arm and a leg to be on board that production” …. but when installment 2 and 3 came and went, that was about the time she had just finished High School. No chance there. Of course everyone thought that was it for Pirates, until Disney announced POTC 4. This time it landed on the year of our daughter’s graduation from Film School. So again, no chance. After 4 was released, we thought “now” the franchise was done. In the meantime, our daughter climbed her way up the steep “film” ladder and now has a pretty impressive IMDb at a young age along with a Leo nomination for the end of May. Then Disney announced POTC 5. Again we joked … “wouldn’t it be wonderful if you got to be on set this (most likely), final installment?” But when we learned it was being filmed in Australia…. okay, nice dream.

But then….. bizarrely…. as luck would have it…. POTC 5 had a lot of re-shoots to do. With our low Canadian dollar and the lead actress, who was on set “Maze Runner”, (also being filmed in Vancouver), the POTC Production “did” indeed come to Vancouver, Canada. With so many productions happening here in British Columbia (hence the nickname, “Hollywood North”) with studios full and all crew employed, not only did our son in law score a position on set POTC 5, so DID our daughter (hence photo of stub). Her words were, “I can now scratch being on set POTC off my bucket list”.

So the old saying “dreams do come true” comes to mind. If you work hard enough and believe hard enough you shall succeed. Even though our daughter was only part of a “re-shoot”, she was still a part of the billion dollar franchise and the inspiration that initially pushed her into a film career she has always dreamed of.

People thought we were “NUTS” …. well looks like “nuts” paid off.

So who would have ever thought that after 13 years (now at age 25), our daughter could actually say: “I stood on the Black Pearl”.

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