Mistaken For The Real Johnny Depp

Mistaken For The Real Johnny Depp


A post on Facebook caught my eye and it drew me to a Johnny Depp Facebook page. There I saw that the administrator had shared the following post from the page of “Nights with Alice Cooper”:


“HAPPY THURSDAY from your night-ghoul Alice Cooper! Listen to his little program this eve for a Cooper’s Cover AND TRIVIA on Pink Floyd, a This Day in Rock honoring the death of Stevie Ray Vaughan, PLUS, a special Vinyl Siding from Ruby Starr! Plus, it’s a NEW Hollywood Vampires song from Coop, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, plus email requests from actual listeners like YOU !”


It is always an honour to be mistaken for the real celebrity you are trying to mirror, now as part of his new band HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

“This has to account for something, aye?”


Johnny Depp guitar.jpg



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